Refund Policy

We want you to feel GREAT about your investment in YOU.  You being able to participate fully with a strong body in your wonderful life.  

We offer the first week as a trial. After that, we do not give refunds for any reason.  

Try it for a week.  After that, Zero Refunds.

We’ll explain.  We want you to Do. This. Program.  We know that change only comes with a BIG. FAT. Cccccccccommetment! 

And if you are not ready to commit – We understand.  You can stay on our list (we’d love to have you). Or you can move on to less spicy pastures.  Regardless, we wish you well!

If you need more help deciding  Schedule a FREE chat with Angela. She’s available to help you decide. No pressure sales either.  This program is AWESOME. And it’s not for everyone (nothing is).  

So.  Recap.

Consider your investment wisely.  We considered the creation of these programs wisely.  We spent a lot of time putting our extensive knowledge in working out, motivating humans to do the workouts and to be the most effective way to do so possible.  We  want you to have skin in the game.  (just like we do)

We want you to be invested so you finish. 

SO THAT you feel better about you.

SO THAT you can enjoy your life.

SO THAT you can move about in the world doing what you love to do!

Warmly, Kevin and Angela

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