Finished with Rehab? Now what?

Workouts to get you 100% back to your life!

Imagine YOU. 

8 weeks from now.

Are you ready to feel SOLID in your new hip?  

If you aren't quite all the way back from your hip replacement

How would you like some support getting all the way back to 100%??

Spicy Workouts. Time for the Hip. Hip. Hooray.

No more clicking or popping at all the wrong times!

Confidence on the slopes and trails.  Back to being a badass for you!

Deeper understanding of your surgery.  Super helpful to know about your bionicness. 

These videos have the best exercises in the best order to vastly improve your strength and flexibility.  Vastly! Improve! (You want this!)

All the Cool Details

Post- hip replacement surgery.

You’ve said ta-ta to your physical therapist.

Now what?  

Biking.  Hiking.  Walking.  That’s enough, right?


It is NOT enough.  You need strength training.

This 8-week program of strength training for your new hip will get you away from the popping, weird cracking, and the yucky stiffness.  

Strength Work First.  

Then ONWARD to the great outdoors and doing a lot of really fun stuff with a hip that performs like that Chevy Corvette C8.  Time to sizzle! 🔥



Glorious weeks of guided strength training!

3X-a-week specific strength workouts. 

2X a week of dynamic flexibility and balance work on the off days.

AND a motivational email will be arriving to remind you to get that video turned on.

Spicy has you so covered. 

You. Are. Welcome!

All levels can do this program.

Angela’s training is for all levels, specifically for getting your new SPICY hip all the support it needs.

See ya later popping, hello spicaroosy hip!

All. Levels.  It’s the Virgo rising in Angela- she loves to repeat herself! ♍️ 😇

Turn the video on for the exercises.

You’ll be led through the entire 20-25 minute workout.

There’s also a library for you to get even more detailed exercise instructions.

You’ll be FRESH out of excuses to get this new hip corvette style ready.  (Who are you taking for a ride?!)

You’ll be getting an email 3X a week as a solid reminder like this:

Spicy:  Hey, hey, hey- time to work out that hip.

You: Right? I forgot about that.  I’m pretty busy.

Spicy: Yep.  Only twenty minutes and we’ll walk you through everything.

You: Yeah, I’m not sure I can find twenty minutes.

Spicy: You can.  Plus you paid for this, so, you know, get your investment back.

You: Right.  Fine.  Okay.

Spicy:  Good Job super star.

Post workout:

Spicy: (in a very know-it-all voice)  See. Worth it.

You:  Spicy, I love you so much. Thanks!

Or something like that.

It is what you need.  Just sayin.  Train with the best.  You’ll fall deeply in love with your new hip.  Click.  Clicky Click up above and the Click. Clicky Click will cease in your new hip. ⬆️

Ready to get SPICED? and SPICED means BACK to your life at full force!

Who is this spicy human bossing you around?

Let’s get you back in action with that new hip.

Angela Freebird!

I’ll teach you what to do and THEN I’ll get you to do it

have a question?

F A Q - Bring it!

By all means FINISH.  Then come see me!  I will be ready and waiting with exercise bands quivering.

Forever or until the internet goes out.  Whichever comes first.

Modifications will be available for all levels.

And then you just have to practice.  Don’t worry.  Kids do it all the time.  Practice totally works.

There’s a super duper cool option to upgrade to some specific habit support coaching if you need some fine tuning around why you aren’t completing the exercises.


You can book personal training sessions with Angela in Ketchum or on Zoom.

You can reach out to Angela through email HERE

Or (oh goody)

There’s another page talking you into this awesome program.  CLICK HERE and we’ll talk you into doing the next right thing for your new spicy hip! 🔥

I'm done with all the questions. Get me in!